When Should You Seek Chiropractic Care?


When You Should See a Chiropractor:

Suffering from neck, back, or knee pain may be a reason to seek out chiropractic care. Patients who stand to benefit the most from chiropractic care are usually healthy and don’t have advanced joint disease. Examples of this include those who have sciatica or old sports injuries. Chiropractic care may also help those who suffer from tension headaches and migraines. Certain alignment issues may contribute to the occurrence of these types of headaches. Patients with frozen shoulder syndrome can also benefit from Chiropractic care since this type of care stretches the muscles in the shoulder and reduces stiffness. There are a number of issues that can be addressed with such as chronic pain fatigue lack of energy muscle aches numbness digestive problems and tingling.

When Not to See a Chiropractor:

If you have arthritis herniated or slipped discs reach out to a specialist physician for advice before seeking out a chiropractor. Chiropractic care may not be for you if there is a physical abnormality or an injury in your body such as a fracture.

So, what’s the best way to determine if you could benefit from seeing a chiropractor?

Schedule a consultation! 

Chiropractors are the best professionals to talk to if you want to know whether your condition can benefit from chiropractic care. A simple consultation in which you detail your symptoms and medical history along with imaging tests to check for physical abnormalities can help a chiropractor determine how they can help you.

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