Frozen Shoulder

Defrosting a frozen shoulder by Jackie Manning, ARNP

If someone gives you the cold shoulder, don’t take it personally. They might be dealing with PAC, which can make folks a little grouchy…understandably. This pesky, aching inflammation issue known as primary/idiopathic adhesive capsulitis (PAC), affects an estimated 5% of the population. More common in women than men, those who have PAC may feel an intense pain in the shoulder,

Activity & Pain

Activity and coping with chronic pain by Jackie Manning, ARNP

Often when providers ask their patients if they engage in regular activity, they respond affirmatively.  When asked to describe their exercise routine some patients begin to report various activities that they pursue through the course of their day.  While other times, they respond that they get a lot of exercise as a result of their employment which involves being on their feet all day,


Stress, Pain and Telemedicine

Stress, Pain and COVID-19

There is no denying that everyone has been experiencing some very unsettling times related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  These unsettling times have created fear and uncertainty that oftentimes seems to be controlling our life.  This can be especially true for those who are already suffering from chronic pain, those who have contracted the virus,

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To Our Patients,

Our offices continue to stay open during the COVID-19 crisis.

Our staff is committed to your care and take necessary precautions throughout the day.

If you have any questions about COVID-19, please visit the Centers for Disease Control website.

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