Squirrel Stretching

Celebrate that Vessel with Stretching

By Jackie Manning, ARNP, Strive! Health and Rehabilitation

You managed to squeeze in time to exercise. Bravo! You’re done now, right? Not so fast. So often we often skip the post-workout stretching. But did you know that stretching is JUST as important as the main event? Stretching not only provides an opportunity to cool down, but it also enhances your workout.

Reasons not to skimp on stretching:

  1. Stretching Improves Heart Function. How? Stretching actually gets your blood flowing, which provides many important health benefits like bringing your heart rate back down to a normal level.
  2. Stretching Reduces Lactic Acid. No one likes to be sore after a workout. Stretching can help to reduce the accumulation of lactic acid, which contributes to sore, achy muscles. In this way, stretching acts as a natural muscle relaxer.
  3. Stretching Limits Muscle and Joint Strain. Have you ever seen those people who can twist into a human pretzel? A skill like this is only possible through stretching! Stretching reduces strain on muscles and joints, making them much more adaptable. This keeps you flexible and injury free.

“Am I doing it right?”

At Strive, our highly trained team of physical therapists and healthcare providers can teach you different methods for stretching more effectively for your customized needs. Our team of experts believe that stretching is an important part of exercise recovery, although it’s often done improperly or neglected altogether. We have a program that is created to meet your unique needs. One of our trained experts will teach you the best stretching techniques, whether you’re a regular athlete or just getting in an occasional exercise. If you’re struggling with muscle and joint pain, at Strive we have many therapies and treatments that will help to transition you out of pain and back to your exercise routine.