Backpack Tips

Back to School!!! Great Northern Rehab is Happy to Remind Parents about Backpack Safety Tips

  1. Make sure your child’s backpack weight does not exceed 10% of their body weight
  2. Backpacks should not hang any lower than 4 inches below the waistline
  3. Purchase backpacks with sperate compartments – this will allow contents to be positioned within the pack more efficiently
  4. Small-to-Medium backpacks are best- The bigger the backpack, the more kids will load into it
  5. Urge your kids to use BOTH shoulder straps when carrying
  6. Look for backpacks with WIDE, PADDED, and ADJUSTABLE straps for an ideal fit
  7. Talk to your child’s teacher; see if certain heavier books/binders can be left at school
  8. PARENTS– check and clean out your kids backpacks routinely; once a week is best