Rollers to the Rescue

By Jackie Manning, ARNP, Strive! Health and Rehabilitation

Like a pastry chef, rolling dough to even out the consistency, sometime muscles need the same TLC. In fact, foam rolling can be just what the doctor ordered—much needed relief to an ache or pain.

Most of us in physical therapy, are familiar with the benefits of foam rollers for chronic muscle pain. Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release (SMR), that is a great way to relieve muscle pain and stiffness. In fact, many physical therapists use these foam rollers to break down scar tissue, knots and adhesions. For those living with chronic muscle pain, the foam roller can be very beneficial for improving flexibility, increasing circulation, reducing injury and relieving muscle tension.

The pain management specialists at Strive are always searching for ways for you to supplement therapies and relieve pain. However, it is important to remember that the foam rolling is NOT a substitute for pain management care. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, it is best to see a specialist at Strive for state-of-the-art treatments and therapies.

Clinical trials have found that SMR techniques, in addition to standard medical treatment, provided short-term and long-term improvements in pain, fatigue, cervical range of motion and joint range of motion, as well as pre and post exercise muscle performance. Not only is foam rolling an efficient way to relieve pain, it can be done virtually anywhere at any time.

As always, consult your healthcare provider before beginning a foam rolling treatment. You would want to start by slowly rolling the foam roller over the area for about 30-45 seconds, or until you feel the tightness subside. Continue this process until you have targeted all painful muscles to the point of relief.

If you suffer from chronic pain as a result of any condition or injury, at Strive we have a dedicated team of professionals trained in pain management that will work with you to treat your pain, increase your functionality and improve your overall quality of life!